For the Love of Cooking

For the Love of Cooking

TITLE: For the love of cooking / by Lillian Kaplun
PUBLISHER: Toronto: [s.n.], 1968.
DESCRIPTION: 195 p. ; 23 cm.
CLASSIFICATION: LC Class no.:  TX 715.6

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Cooking”

  1. ellenn white said:

    wow i cant tell you how happy i am to find all this info about mrs kaplun. i have been using my late mother in laws love of cooking and baking . she actually attended classes and i have hr original books with notes and tips given by mrs kaplun. sadly she passed away 32 yrs ago few months after i married her son. i had nt a clue about cooking so the cook books were a godsend. i make her fried matzo farfel every pesach and it is a family favourite. but i have left my book at my cottage andbelieve it or not i am having troublr remembering the ratio of farfel and broth to would be a mitzvah if i could get the recipe asap as itt is erev pesach. hopefully someone will gt it too me . thanx sooo much and happy passover. sincerely. ellen white

  2. Patsi Mednick said:

    Hi, hoping you can help me. I used to have this cookbook but (and it’s too long a story) I no longer have it. I attended her classes and the cookbook we used was a black small binder. It must have been the first of. Anyways, I miss making her yummy meatloaf and I don’t remember the exact ingredients. I only remember there was a topping of ketchup and brown sugar. If you get this email, I would love it if you would send me that recipe. Thanks a lot, Patsi Mednick (now living in Miami, FL)

  3. I would love to find another copy of this cookbook. I have one but it is well worn. Please let me know where I can find a copy

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