For the Love of Cooking and Baking

Cooking & Baking

TITLE: For the love of cooking & baking / Lillian Kaplun
EDITION: 1st ed.
DESCRIPTION: 179 p.; 23 cm.
NUMBERS: LCCN:  88201573
CLASSIFICATION: LC Call no.:  TX714.K3641987; Dewey:  641.5 20

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Cooking and Baking”

  1. Linda Fine said:

    This book was the most essential book I had as a young wife and mother – and remains so now as a much older wife, mother and bubbie. Over the years Lillian’s recipes were always the best – baked veal chops, spicy short ribs, meatballs, rice pilaf, barley mushroom casserole, noodle puddings, apricot squares, cheesecake, honey cake, chocolate chip cookies and much more will live on forever in my family!

  2. irene Novak said:

    To whom this may concern,
    I have been cooking with Lillian’s first edition since it first came out. I have been looking to replace my cook book cause mine is falling apart. I would also like to purchase one for all my children now that they are getting married.

  3. Ellen Eisenberg said:

    I may be the oldest LK fan!!! The list of recipes that are part of my repertoire is almost endless. Many are part of family traditions… like Neapolitan cake on New Years Eve.
    But we’re at the cottage now and New years is tomorrow and the recipe is at home in the city. (I do have the “new” book – a consolidation of the first 2 – up here. Unfortunately, For the Love of Baking is in the city and the Neapolitan cake recipe didn’t make it to the new book (why on earth not?!!).
    Do you have it and can you please, please e-mail it to me?

    Many thanks!!!!

    (Happy new year!!!)

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