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1 thought on “Share your memories with us”

  1. Rona (Lieberman) Paul said:

    There are so many memories to share. One of my most vivid is when I returned home from camp, after dieting all summer. I lost 11 lbs, and I spent 1 week in Toronto at aunt Lil’s . I had the important job of sampling the desserts. My favourite was meringue cookies..dipped in chocolate..yummy. I gained 7 lbs in one week but I was sooooo happy.

    Every year on my birthday my mom would bake the CLOWN CAKE and bring it to school. I loved that cake. No one had ever seen anything like it. Talk about feeling special!

    Her celebrity lives on. If I tell people that I am the niece of Lillian Kaplun, they are quite impressed. Gee and I don’t even bake!

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