Photographs and Stories

Share your photos with us by sending them via email to and, if you agree, we’ll upload them to our Flickr photo albums.

It’s not just about photos, though.  We’d love to read your personal stories about time spent with Lillian.  Either post a comment here or email them to us and we will share them on this blog.


We’re in the process of building our photo collection.  Click here to see what we’ve collected so far.

1 thought on “Photographs and Stories”

  1. Hi Kaplunfan!
    You commented on my blog post here about my lesson with Lillan:
    Amazingly enough, the photo on your Flickr photo page, titled “People of all ages enjoyed learning from Lillian” is of me, during that lesson!
    Our paths must have crossed at some point, my Grandmother, Doris Tennant was good friends with Lillian, and I also attended Lillan’s 80th Birthday party.
    How great that the internet has allowed my memories and your stories and that photo to come together.
    (I would love to add it to my blog page about the baking, if that is Ok with you).

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